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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Photo of Participants from Workshop in 2005

Hi! Let me contribute with a photo of the participants from a workshop in 2005. Our participants come from various eldercare agencies and from other sectors as well. We are always constantly trying to improve the workshops and provide a variety of areas for sharing so that the volunteers can take back and share with more volunteers. In that way we can spread the joy and learning of volunteering to more people out there in society.
Please allow me to say well done to my fellow ESNians and all the volunteers out there who care about giving.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Photos of our committee

1st picture of committee taken in 2004 ...

See how much we have grown!!
Hehe ... I dun mean the waistline ... We started small in 2003, those were the days when we were all young and energetic ... "protest ... protest ..." (outcry in the background)

Hehe ... we are still young, at least "at heart" ... Thanks to the constant influx of youngsters like Fucai, Esther, Wenhui and Huiquan ...

Wow ... wow ... our official T-shirt. It really feels good to be donning our official ESN T-shirt, but sometimes a bit paisei to wear it alone ...

Someone complained "Ooi ... why always same posture, xian lei" ... well, here's another one, the pledge - "We, the members of ESN, pledge ourselves to be one united committee ..."

Oh yes, still got some comm members and associates not in the pictures. Wenhui, Esther, Daniel, Teck Ee, Jean, Eric, Vernon, Hwee Hian ... hope to catch you all next workshop ... have fun!!